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The necessity of using waterproofing materials/membrane

  • Author:Daniel
  • Release on :2016-09-10
The necessity of using waterproofing materials/membrane 

Building waterproof is ref to prevent water penetration through certain parts of the building, take some measures from building materials and construction to prevent water. 

Waterproof used in roofing, underground structures, buildings and underground part of the chamber and water storage structures that need to be waterproof. 

According to the measures and methods’difference, divided into two categories: material waterproof and construction waterproof material. Materials waterproof is to rely on building materials blocking water channel, to achieve the purpose of waterproof or increase the ability of anti leakage, such as waterproof membrane waterproof, coating, rigid waterproof concrete and cement mortar and clay, plaster waterproof etc. 

Structure waterproof is to take the appropriate form, blocking water channel, to achieve the purpose of the waterproof, such as water stop and cavity structure. Main application fields include building roofing, underground, exterior and interior,Urban roads and Bridges and underground space, such as municipal engineering;Highways and high-speed railway Bridges and tunnels;Underground railway and other transportation engineering;Diversion channels, the reservoir, the dam, water conservancy and hydroelectric power plant water treatment, engineering, and so on.With the progress of society and the development of architectural technology, the application of construction waterproof materials will be extended to more fields.