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The importance of roofing waterproof

  • Author:dongsheng-amber
  • Release on :2016-09-28
The roof waterproofing roof is a very important project in the building construction, because the engineering quality is directly related to the service life of buildings, may also affect people's normal life.Learned, identified as the secondary roof waterproofing grade, waterproof and durable fixed number of year is not less than five years.According to statistics, gives the reasons of roof leakage of this a few aspects: design accounts for 18% to 26%, material accounts for 20% to 22%, construction accounted for 45% to 45%, management maintenance is 6% to 15%.Roofing waterproof now actually there are many other new materials, we today is mainly about roofing felt waterproofing construction.

Before construction, construction units should organize technical management personnel came roofing engineering drawings, grasp some related structure and according to the situation to determine the construction plan or the roofing construction technical measures.So, can prevent after construction defects, cause rework, at the same time can make engineering systematically organized, work to avoid any errors, affect the quality of work.

Roofing waterproof engineering must be by a professional team of waterproof or waterproof construction, paying special attention to, can't let not waterproof level of qualification certificate of the unit and the professional team or waterproof roofing waterproof work.Not only that, the construction unit or the supervision company must carefully check the construction personnel to the card, in strict accordance with the requirements.