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The fastest-growing type of waterproofing membranes

  • Author:Dongsheng-Lili
  • Release on :2016-08-15
The fastest-growing type of waterproofing membranes

TPO is the abbreviation of thermoplastic polyolefin which is through the dynamically vulcanized EPDM thermoplastic EPDM, the main ingredients of the composition of PP and EPDM. TPO mainly contains carbon atoms and hydrogen atoms and does not contain any plasticizers and chlorine elements. It is a beautiful, long-lived environment-friendly product.


TPO waterproofing membranes are the fastest-growing commercial roofing membranes and have gained wide acceptance in different industries for their performance, and installation advantages at competitive cost. Some other benefits of TPO includes its eco-friendly chemistry, recyclability, durability, flexibility, low installation cost, less labor requirement, and exception heat resistant properties suitable for energy-efficient roofing systems. The roofing & walls application of waterproofing membranes has a wide scope for its expansion, which in turn would help in increasing the consumption for waterproofing membranes globally. Roofing & walls is the biggest waterproofing membrane application and is projected to be worth USD 13.02 Billion by 2021.