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The environment friendly waterproof coating

  • Author:amber
  • Release on :2017-01-11
   The environment friendly waterproof coating

As an indispensable material in the home decoration, the market continues to introduce new types of paint products. Industry sources, the new paint is still the theme of health and environmental protection, but also easier for consumers to accept.

Classic products are still concerned

The advent of new products means that all the old products will be fully replaced? An industry source said that the new R & D to push the frequency is not very high, a new product to the market after repeated verification, many new products in the original Product on the basis of the upgrade, the quality is still very reliable, can be purchased at the time of purchase to see whether the packaging surface of the Chinese environmental certification mark.
"New paint will be more consumer acceptance." According to the person in charge, with the coatings industry, technological progress, new products are often more in line with the needs of consumer groups, new coatings are more concerned about and accept. However, there are still many brands to retain some of the classic products, these classic products with a good reputation, high cost-effective advantages such as welcome.
It is understood that most of the performance of the paint is concentrated in the scrub, mildew, antibacterial, covering small cracks, etc., with the increase in the function of its prices have increased, consumers should be based on their own needs, select quality assurance products