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The construction technique of PU coating

  • Author:amber
  • Release on :2016-12-21
     The construction technique of PU coating

Polyurethane waterproof coating is a kind of reactive polymer waterproofing paint. The product is uniform viscous materials, and  it is divided into single-component and double-component according to the components. A double-component composed of the component A and the component B, mixes component A and B evenly according to the prescribed ratio on site, after the reaction, the reaction forms a flexible, tough and durable waterproof layer. Single component does not need extra materials and it can be brushed directly.  High density and high elastic waterproof layer formed after drying.

1. The basic level requirement: tightness, level, dry, no dust, no pollution, etc. Moisture content is less than 5%.
2. Strengthening of details: Tube root, nozzle, Yang Yin Angle, deformation joint, crack defects are covered with thickness of 1.2 mm of additional layer.
3. Confecting: Weight A : Weight B=1:2, pour component A into component B, stir to uniformity
4. Construction: usually paint more than one time by scraper, rolling brush, the thickness should be uniform, no accumulation, no flow, no leakage brush, paint the second coating perpendicular to the direction of the first coating, coating thickness comply with the design requirements.
5. Construction environment: Temperature>5℃, ventilated Indoor
6. Protection of coat: before the coating completely curing, it is strictly prohibited to walk on it, pile up sundries, to avoid damaging to the coating layer, cannot carry through store water testing
7. Recommended dosage