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The construction process of self adhesive modified bitumen waterproof membrane

  • Author:Dongsheng-amber
  • Release on :2016-11-23
The construction process

1 grass-roots clean, wet: with a broom, shovel and other tools to the surface of the primary dust, debris clean, dry the base surface to be pre-sprinkled with water, but not residual water. 

2. wipe the polymer cement-based flexible waterproof coating or cement mortar:
The use of polymer cement-based flexible waterproof coating, the thickness is generally 2mm ~ 3mm, and self-adhesive membrane composed of rigid two-composite waterproof system, shop coating should pay attention to compaction, smoothing. In the shade, should be used in the primary treatment with cement mortar into a radius of 50mm rounded corners. The width of the polymeric polymer cementitious waterproof coating is wider than the long and short sides of the coil by 100 mm to 300 mm and ensures the flatness of the polymer cement based waterproof coating.
1: 3 cement mortar, the thickness is generally 10mm ~ 20mm (depending on the level of the formation of the case), shop should pay attention to compaction, smoothing. In the corner area, should be layered with cement mortar into a radius of 50mm rounded corners. Shop wipe the cement mortar, the shop spread the width of cement mortar than the length of the coil, the short side of the width of 300mm.
3. Details of the node to strengthen the deal: in a large area before the roll pavement, the details of the joints should be in accordance with the requirements of the site to strengthen treatment.
4. Waterproof layer of large surface membrane Paving:
Tear off the insulating material on the lower surface of the waterproofing membrane and lay the membrane on a polymeric cementitious waterproof coating or cement mortar. Roll and adjacent membrane between the parallel lap laying way (under normal circumstances, should not use docking waterproof). Lap joint width of not less than 60mm.
5. Pulp, exhaust: wood trowel or rubber sheeting on the surface of the membrane, the membrane below the air, so that the membrane with the polymer cement-based waterproof coating or cement mortar cement bond.
6. Maintenance: Coil paving after the completion of conservation 48 hours (depending on the specific time depending on ambient temperature, under normal circumstances, the higher the temperature the shorter the time required). Coil seam and sealing treatment: You can use self-adhesive seal gland in the docking area. Operation, the first part of the membrane overlapping parts of the surface of the isolation film (or silicone isolation paper) exposed, and then paste self-adhesive seal. If the lap is contaminated, clean up first.