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The classification of waterproof material/membrane

  • Author:sany
  • Release on :2016-09-06
variety of waterproof materials/membrane, according to the main raw material is divided into four categories:

(1) asphalt waterproof material.With natural asphalt, petroleum and coal tar as the main raw material, made of asphalt felt, paper fetal asphalt linoleum, solvent, and the other type of asphalt or asphalt rubber coating, ointment, good bonding, plastic, water resistance, corrosion and durability. 

(2) rubber plastic kind of waterproof materials.With chloroprene rubber, butyl rubber, epdm rubber, PVC, polyisobutylene and polyurethane raw materials, can be made into elastic tire waterproofing materials, waterproofing membrane, waterproof coating, coating materials and ointment, cement, water stop and other sealing materials, with high tensile strength, elasticity and elongation, caking property, water resistance and weather resistance is good wait for a characteristic, can use cold, use fixed number of year is longer than the other. 

(3) cement waterproof material.Coagulant tightly against the cement admixtures, such as waterproofing agent, expansive agent and air entrained agent, can enhance the hydrophobic nature of the cement mortar and concrete and the permeability resistance;Configuration based on cement and sodium silicate coagulant mortar, can be used in underground engineering waterproof plugging. 

(4) metals waterproof material.Sheet steel, galvanized steel plate and pressed steel, coated steel plate can be directly as a roof plate, used to waterproof.Steel sheet used for metal waterproof basement or underground structures.Thin thin copper plate, aluminum plate, stainless steel plate can be made into a building deformation cracks of water stop.The waterproof layer of metal joint to be welded, and protect besmear brushs antirust paint.

Waterproof coating in four categories: rigid mortar, flexible mortar, acrylate, one-component polyurethane.