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The characteristics of Self-adhesive waterproofing membrane

  • Author:daniel
  • Release on :2016-11-22
Here we introduce the characteristics of self-adhesive waterproofing membrane, we hope to understand self-adhesive waterproofing membrane has some help: 1, without adhesive, do not have to heat to roast to melt, just tear off the isolation layer, that Can be firmly bonded to the substrate. Construction is convenient and construction speed is extremely fast.
    2, with the flexibility of rubber, excellent elongation, well adapt to the deformation and cracking of the grass.
    3, with excellent adhesion to the grassroots, the bond force is often greater than the shear force (bonding surface fracture), to ensure that lap tight and reliable, perfect.
    4, the very characteristics of the "self-healing function", can heal a small puncture damage in the event of puncture or hard objects embedded, it will automatically with these objects into one, to maintain good water resistance.
    5, construction safety, do not pollute the environment, construction is simple and clean, easy to do on-site construction of civilization.
    6, in addition to the main material, the surface material of polyethylene film also has excellent water resistance and high strength (polyethylene polypropylene membrane that is only this film waterproof), so waterproof with double insurance.
    7, corrosion resistance: The membrane has a good acid, alkali, chemical resistance, in a variety of environments with excellent aging resistance.
    8, for industrial and civil buildings of the roof, basement, indoor, municipal works and reservoirs, swimming pools and subway tunnel waterproof. But also for wood structure and metal structure of the roof waterproofing works. Particularly applicable to not use the fire of oil depots, chemical plants, textile mills, grain depots and other water projects.