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The advantages of the waterproof coating and waterproof membrane

  • Author:amber
  • Release on :2017-11-16
The advantages of the waterproof coating and waterproof membrane

Due to the material composition of the waterproofing membrane and waterproof coating, the appearance and other differences, making the material properties, construction technology, applicable parts, application environments vary.waterproof engineers made a comparison of the overall performance of the two, through the comparison so that consumers probably know what they need the product.

Waterproof membrane - Easy construction, short construction period, no need of curing after forming, not affected by temperature, environmental pollution is small, thick layer easily grasped according to design requirements, accurate calculation of material, construction site management convenience, not easy to cut corners, thickness uniformity, empty Shop can effectively overcome the grass-roots stress (in the grassroots cracks occur to maintain the integrity of the waterproof layer)

Waterproof coating - any complex base can be made into a continuous whole waterproof layer; simple equipment, construction technology easy to grasp. Coating waterproof layer with the grass-roots level with 100% of the bonding surface (cracks, joints and other parts of the use of reinforced layer emptying method except). Most of the cracking width of the base exceeds the extensibility of the waterproof coating, the cause of water leakage and the site of water leakage can be easily found. The warranty is very convenient. As long as a small amount of waterproof material repairs the cracks and the damaged parts can. High-quality waterproof coating can be waterproof in the back of water success. Part of the waterproof coating can be applied in the wet base and form a waterproof layer.