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TPO Waterproof Membrane

  • Author:Dong sheng-Rebeca
  • Release on :2016-09-01

TPO waterproofing materials also known as thermoplastic polyolefins waterproofing materials, is the petroleum resin and ethylene, acetic acid, vinyl resin base makings, add antioxidant, new waterproofing materials made of protective agent, softener, its applicable scope includes, bathroom waterproof, basement, reservoir, grain depot, such as tunnel waterproof engineering.Can be used to the outer surface of the building, is a large factory, reservoir often choose waterproof material.TPO waterproofing materials of EPDM and PVC performance advantages, namely high weatherability, and low tender degrees, in the small room temperature show high elasticity, but also like plastic molding at high temperature.So the material has good mechanical properties and processability, and set up in the middle of the two layers of TPO material after a layer of polyester fiber fabric, more improved its resist fatigue, prevent the effect of the fracture.

Nowadays, TPO waterproofing materials with unique performance advantages occupies a large part of Chinese waterproof market space.TPO waterproofing materials combined the performance advantages of EPDM and PVC, with EPDM weather resistance ability, low temperature flexibility and easy welding properties of PVC.And in the middle of the two layers of TPO material adding a layer of polyester fiber fabric, enhance physical performance, improve the break strength, puncture resistance.In practice, TPO has anti-aging, high tensile strength, elongation, damp roof construction, the leakage without protective layer, construction is convenient, no pollution and so on comprehensive characteristic, very suitable for as a light energy-saving roofing waterproof layer.

The construction technology principle

TPO waterproofing materials for the flexible waterproof material, case the specifications for engineering: 30.5 m * 1.5 m wide by 1.52 mm thick.Because case engineering for hyperboloid roof, and a large roof penetrations, and the opposite sex, flexible retention high characteristic in detail and the TPO node processing, been fully reflected.Its on-site processing is simple, production molding is fast, the advantages of arbitrary shape can be processing, finished ahead of time limit for a project for roofing project content, provide an important prerequisite.

TPO waterproofing material is qualitative light, high strength, excellent refractory, resistance to extreme temperature, energy saving, such as performance, can meet the quality requirements of high roofing construction.