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TPO Green waterproofing membrane rapid development

  • Author:Dongsheng-lili
  • Release on :2016-08-08

TPO Green waterproofing membrane rapid development

In order to cope with global warming, countries are developing low-carbon economy, the petrochemical saving energy consumption, accelerate the development of clean energy, efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Energy consumption of the global construction industry accounts for about 40% of the total energy consumption of the terminal, and thus the construction of energy conservation is particularly important. As a branch of the water industry and the development of low-carbon economy in the construction industry also has a great relationship.


TPO both ethylene-propylene rubber physical properties and weldability of polypropylene, plasticizer-free, resistant to ozone, chemicals and certain hydrocarbon oils, resistance to microbial attack, there are fire-resistant products, environmentally friendly, there is a white film reflecting sunlight function, save energy, reduce the urban heat island effect, which may provide all the recycling, it is a most comprehensive waterproofing membrane.


Comply with environmental requirements of energy saving has become the development of new building waterproof materials goal,