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Summer waterproof construction precautions

  • Author:daniel
  • Release on :2017-06-07
Summer is coming soon, home decoration is also in full swing, whether it is the renovation of the new building or the transformation of the old house, are reflected in a busy scene. In this one, due to the arrival of summer, the temperature rises, home improvement waterproofing this important step should also have the corresponding changes and adjustments to ensure efficient waterproofing effect, mainly for the following aspects:

1) water-based waterproof material in the construction before the need for some of the grass-roots wetting to prevent the substrate surface is too dry to affect the waterproof layer and the grass-roots bonding force, is conducive to full waterproof film material;

2) Due to the high temperature in summer, the moisture content of the waterproof material after brushing is accelerated, especially the waterproof material of the polymer cement (waterproofing slurry). If necessary, it is helpful to enhance the tightness of the waterproof coating Sex

3) the arrival of the summer also means that the arrival of the rainy season, the windows of the kitchen and toilet area waterproof construction, the new brushing of the waterproof layer before curing to avoid rain;

4) high temperature in summer, mixing two-component waterproofing material should pay attention to the amount of material and the construction area to match, to avoid a one-time mixing too much, a short period of time has not run out of the material waste;

5) for some southern areas, the summer humidity, the use of single-component paste products, the water evaporation is slow, need to strengthen the air flow to speed up its drying speed:

6) just completed the construction of waterproof paint, to avoid direct sunlight caused by local temperature is too high.

Overall, in the summer home improvement waterproof construction process, in case of problems, should be timely and waterproof material manufacturers to contact, to avoid the wrong construction of water-resistant materials caused by reduced efficiency.