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Self-adhesive Membrane Manufacturers

  • Author:daniel
  • Release on :2016-10-08
      Self-adhesive Membrane Manufacturers

    Manufacturers of self-adhesive membrane Dongsheng is a professional production and a variety of waterproof materials manufacturers. Many kinds of products, you can select the right product for their application requirements.
     SBS is a kind of self-adhesive membrane such as synthetic rubber, tackifier and quality road asphalt and other preparation of the self-adhesive rubber asphalt as the base material, tough, high-density polyethylene film or aluminum foil as the surface material, peelable silicon coated release film or release paper coated with silicon surface for the next release of waterproof material made of insulating material and it is a very promising new waterproof materials with low temperature flexibility, self-healing, and good adhesion properties characteristics, can be normal construction, construction speed, in line with environmental requirements.
     Dongsheng Shandong, a larger scale than the entire power to send the product manufacturers, product known. Not only in the domestic and foreign customers are long-term cooperation with Dongsheng. Self-adhesive membrane, self-adhesive tape and other products all have a registered trademark, exported abroad with English labels, professional place.
     Dongsheng manufacturers of self-adhesive membrane strength is far more than that. Dongsheng adhere to the customer-oriented, faith-based principles, the name of the idea of long-term cooperation with our customers, self-adhesive membrane is just one typical product Dongsheng products, more products require you to visit our company in detail and consulting.