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SBS waterproofing membrane construction method

  • Author:daniel
  • Release on :2016-10-20

SBS waterproofing membrane (styrene - butadiene-styrene block copolymer) as a modifier, or glass fiber mat made of polyester felt carcass waterproofing membrane. Excellent overall performance of the web, particularly elongation and very good anti-aging properties. Depending on the region and the needs of users, products can be -18 ℃ - maintained in good working condition within the range of 105 ℃.


SBS waterproofing membrane is a polyester felt or glass fiber mat for the child based, SBS (styrene, butadiene, styrene thermoplastic elastomer) as modifier, both sides covered with insulating material made of waterproof building material . Suitable for industrial and civil buildings waterproof roofing and underground works, protection works, tunnels, subways and roads, bridges and other buildings. Especially for building waterproof low temperatures environment.

Primary treatment;
(1) before paving waterproof layer, all other construction projects must be completed, and then clean up the grassroots. (2) the grassroots must be flat, firm, no loosening, sand, from the dark, irregularities and cracks, such as occurrence of the above phenomenon, have to use plus 107 plastic cement mortar repair (3) grass-roots level should be relatively dry, the moisture content of not less than 8% . (4) parapet, yin and yang angle, wall pipe, joints and drainage slope should meet the design requirements.
sbs waterproofing membrane hot melt construction method;
a, brushing primary treatment agent (with cold construction method)
b, the web predetermined position away, and liquefied petroleum gas or gas oil burner heating coil base layer and a bottom surface, to be a thin layer of melted asphalt surface, side edges baking sheet rolling forward, and with a press roll compaction, attention adjust the flame size of the membrane surface melting asphalt, not too much flow, but not soggy.
c, sheet lap both vertical and horizontal 10cm, sealed with a blowtorch baking.
d, double waterproof membrane joints must be staggered according to regulations.
e, the thickness of the membrane is less than 3mm or cladding materials should not be used when aluminum melt construction method.