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SBS Modified Bitumen Membrane

  • Author:Dong Sheng, REBECA
  • Release on :2016-07-22

 Advantages of SBS Modified Asphalt 

Today, building structure materials include lightweight than a few years ago, contemporary roofing systems, the ability to withstand the increased movement and deformation of the substrate, durability. Roof can rest assured that the formation of the correct specification through good and proper planning and installation of waterproofing systems.

Asphalt is still the most well-known waterproof material. It has anti-aging characteristics of a strong shield in cold weather, in hot temperatures blockers, a small fatigue resistance. Elastomeric compounds such as the SBS (styrene - butadiene - styrene) substantially improve these properties. SBS rubber is flexible, and has to return to its original form in the memory. The SBS rubberized asphalt increased flow characteristics and improved low temperature flexibility and resistance to aging asphalt roof.