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Raw materials of waterproof membrane

  • Author:amber
  • Release on :2016-12-14

There are many elememt to make waterproof membrane.Today,I would like to introduce one raw material,it is essential in producing bitumen waterproof membrane.

What i want to introduce is polyester mat and fiberglass mat,it is used as mat of bitumen waterproof membrane.

Dongsheng Polyester Mat Sheet adopted polyester clip as the host material with super strength. Unique technology creates products with excellent properties such as uniform surface, high tear strength and high porosity. The fibers are continuous. It is a kind of reinforcement for APP/SBS modified bitumen waterproof membrane. It is a new favorite of the waterproofing industry and the construction industry and has the following excellent characteristics.

Glass fiber mesh composite mat for bitumen membrane is two-layer composited non woven fabric. The top layer is fiberglass mesh reinforcement layer and the bottom layer is cotton non woven mat. Through high temperature, stoving, finalizing the design. It is a kind of reinforcement combination material.
It is characterized as high tensile strength, easy soakage by bitumen, low cost and so on.