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Polymer waterproofing membrane

  • Author:daniel
  • Release on :2016-12-13
Polymer waterproofing membrane to EPDM rubber, mixed with the right amount of butyl rubber, softener, reinforcing agent, fillers, accelerators, curing agents and fillers, by mixing, plastic refining, filtration, , Extrusion or calendering molding, curing and other processes made of high strength, high elastic waterproof material. Next we give you talk about the basic properties of polymer waterproofing membrane.
1, anti-aging properties, long service life (30 to 50 years) EPDM rubber molecular structure of the main chain is not double bond, when the EPDM rubber by ozone, ultraviolet, heat, the main chain Not prone to fracture. EPDM membrane waterproof layer, anti-aging performance, can withstand long-term wind, rain, sun test, can be used for exposed roof waterproofing.
2, good elasticity, excellent tensile properties, high tensile strength: ≥ 7MPa, breaking elongation: ≥ 450%, good elasticity, excellent crack resistance, good puncture resistance, waterproof base to adapt to stretching or cracking Deformation needs.
3, high and low temperature performance, EPDM waterproof membrane brittle temperature is very low (-45 ℃ below), excellent heat resistance (> 160 ℃), smaller heat shrinkage, in the lower temperature conditions, construction, And in the cold or hot weather environment for long-term use. Chemical resistance, excellent insulation.
4, the quality of light, cold single-layer construction, simple operation, no pollution.

Polymer waterproofing membrane has good flexibility, extensibility and resistance to high and low temperature performance, to adapt to the deformation of the base layer of strong stress. I produced the polymer waterproof membrane by the long-term use proof waterproof effect, construction is simple, safe and pollution-free. Polymer waterproofing membrane transport packaging need to pay attention to what? Here I take you to look at:
1, polymer waterproofing membrane should be woven plastic bags.
2, transport to prevent sun and rain, is strictly prohibited near the fire, to prevent collision, to ensure that intact packaging.
3, the product storage, stored in a cool and ventilated place, the coil should be flat, stacked height of not more than four, to prohibit access to fire.
4, in the normal storage and transportation conditions, the product shelf life of 12 months, more than the shelf life of this standard may be required to test the project, such as composite requirements can still be used.