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Polymer Waterproof Membrane

  • Author:daniel
  • Release on :2016-12-06

My company to science and technology as a precursor to the development of polymer waterproof membrane for the purpose of quality, customer first, the credibility of the first principle, by many customers trust. Polymer waterproofing membrane of the wide range of the following for everyone to analyze the polymer waterproofing membrane:
Polymer waterproofing membrane of the polymer compounds due to molecular weight is very large, molecular interactions between the situation and small molecules are different, which has a unique high-strength, high toughness, high elasticity. Polymer compounds in the atoms connected into a long linear molecules, called linear polymer (such as polyethylene molecules). This polymer can be melted upon heating and can be dissolved in a suitable solvent. When the atoms of the polymer compound are connected in a linear form but have a long branch, they may be melted at the time of heating and dissolved in an appropriate solvent. If the polymer compounds in the atoms connected into a network, this polymer is generally not as a planar structure but a three-dimensional structure, it is also called the shape of the polymer. Body polymer can not melt when heated, can only become soft; can not be dissolved in any solvent, only in some solvents swelling. Polymer compounds in nature exist in large quantities, this polymer is called natural polymers. In the biological world, the composition of biological proteins, cellulose; carrying biological genetic information of nucleic acids; food starch, clothing raw materials of cotton, wool, silk, linen and wood, rubber, etc., are natural polymers. Non-biological, such as feldspar, quartz, diamonds, are inorganic polymers.
Natural polymers can be processed into natural polymers by chemical derivatives, thereby changing its processing performance and performance. For example, nitrocellulose, vulcanized rubber and the like. Completely synthesized by the artificial method of polymer, in the polymer science plays an important role. This polymer is one or several small molecules as raw materials, through polymerization or polycondensation reaction generated, it is also called polymer. The use of small molecules as raw materials, as monomers, such as from ethylene (monomer) by polyaddition reaction of polyethylene (polymer); from ethylene glycol (monomer) and terephthalic acid (monomer) by polycondensation reaction To produce polyethylene terephthalate (polymer).