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Polyethylene polypropylene fiber composite waterproof coiled material

  • Author:sany
  • Release on :2016-08-30

Polyethylene polypropylene fiber composite waterproof coiled material is native polyethylene synthetic polymer materials adding anti-aging agent, stabilizer, adhesion agent with high strength polypropylene new polyester filament non-woven, following an automatic production line of compound,is a new waterproofing material. 

Performance characteristics:
Surface of polyethylene polypropylene fiber composite waterproof coiled material is rough, non-woven fibers were random cross structure, form the three-dimensional mesh, can be used within the scope of  - 40 ℃ ~ 60 ℃ environment for long-term  , suitable for bonding a variety of materials, especially in the process of solidification with cement material direct bonding,  can be constructed as long as no water, its comprehensive performance is good, high tensile strength.Permeability capability, good low temperature flexibility, small expansion coefficient, easy adhesion, low friction coefficient, can be directly used in sandy soil, stable and reliable performance, is a kind of non-toxic, non-polluting, green environmental protection product.

Areas of application:
This kind of waterproof coiled material applies to industrial and civil architecture roofing waterproofing, moistureproof gas insulation, waterproofing, ground of indoor wall ground waterproof, moistureproof, toilet water pools, channels and Bridges waterproof, seepage control, metallurgy chemical pollution prevention and other waterproofing etc..