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Points for attention of Geomembrane

  • Author:sany
  • Release on :2017-12-01
Points for attention 

(1) the seam treatment of the geomembrane is the key process of construction, which directly affects the project operation life. According to the quality test, the method of thermal welding is ideal.(it can also be used for special adhesive bonding) thermal welding is the surface heating process of the PE geomembrane, which melts the surface and integrates it through pressure. 

(2) geomembrane best laid along a certain direction, on both sides of the geomembrane are reserved a PE film and PET don't glue layer, to adjust each unit when laying geomembrane, so that the two units of geomembrane welding. 

(3) when the geomembrane is laid, it shall be pressed with sandbags to prevent the wind and the edges of the seam should be free of dirt, water, dust and so on. 

(4) before welding, two sides of PE single film should be adjusted in the seam so that it can be connected with a certain amount of broadband, and it is flat and free of wrinkles. 

(5) when welding, it is better to weld with a skilled technician with some experience, welding with a special welding machine.To adjust the temperature and speed, (also adhesive bonding). 

According to years of practice, the thickness of the film is not less than 0.25 mm, it can produce stoma, and it can be damaged in construction and reduce the anti-seepage effect.In the construction of geomembrane, special attention should be paid to the laying should not be too tight, not wrinkling, stitching should be firm.To strictly follow the technical specification construction, the good preparation, laying, splicing, inspection and backfilling and other five quality control.