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PVC Waterproof Membrane

  • Author:daniel
  • Release on :2016-09-24

                 PVC Waterproof Membrane

"Dongsheng"brand polyvinyl chloride (PVC) waterproof membrane is a kind  of polymer compound waterproof membrane compound of polyvinyl chloride (PVC) colophony,plasticizer,stabillzing agent,ultraviolet radiation(UV)resistance agent,all kinds of dyes and other agents.

●High tension,perfect elongation,perfect heating resistance.
●perfect jointing,It can be fused with base as a whole after heatingjointing.
●High permeability,chilling material and moisture can be expelled easily.
●High aging resistance,UV resistance,corrosion resistance and erosion resistance.
●Good cold flexibility(-20℃)
●Service life can reach 50 years long with no pollution.
●Surface can reflect UV.the temperature on the surface is low due to little absorbing heat.