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PP-PE Construction Technology

  • Author:daniel
  • Release on :2016-11-04
● Construction procedures: acceptance leveling layer → clean up the base → preparation of cement adhesive → do additional layer → grass-roots construction → protective layer → curing
● Before bonding, roll out the membrane, find out, then roll the two ends of the membrane roll, the preparation of good cement adhesive into the grass-roots level, and with the scraper evenly
Scrape open, and then push the membrane forward shop, and in a timely manner with the scraper to exclude the air inside the membrane, scraping excess adhesive. Coil and the leveling layer of the bond rate ≥ 85%.
● seams practice:
 ⑴ roof waterproof joint construction: the vapor layer, waterproof layer and additional layers are used lap seam method, with cement adhesive bonding, the width of 10cm. Additional layer seam
And waterproof seam seams stagger 5cm or more.
 ⑵ basement waterproof joint construction: 10-15cm overlap with the seam joints, cover the use of polymer adhesive adhesive joints.
⑶ waterproof lap lap width of the long side 8-10cm, short side 10-15cm, adjacent short-side seam should be staggered over 100cm, the wall and the ground are 30cm above the angle.
● Protective layer:
After the roll-laying, the need to do in the waterproof layer 2cm thickness of 1: 2.5 cement mortar protective layer, the second erased into two layers of stubble must stagger 20cm or more,
Protection layer requires smooth, and sprinkler maintenance.
Polymer polyethylene C (polyester) waterproofing membrane and the construction of the main use of bonding to join the Dongsheng special supporting cement material to do the adhesive.
● building applications one
Roof waterproofing: application should pay special attention to membrane and leveling layer bonding area and bonding strength, which is to ensure waterproof effect, to ensure that the key technology of waterproof life.
Underground Waterproofing: The coil design should be used under water pressure backing conditions to prevent peeling. The peel strength shall be accounted for in the absence of backing.
Indoor anti-seepage: used in the interior wall, including floor anti-seepage, the membrane paste, should ensure that the adhesive layer hardening and then surface decoration construction. Interior decorative surface layer should be a brush on the membrane
                  Layer containing 1.5% polyethylene (polyester) Polyester composite waterproofing membrane supporting special cement powder cement paste.
Ground moisture: used in the ground moisture, we should pay attention to the thickness of the surface layer to ensure ground stability. Vertical height of the coil at the foot of the wall is not less than 200mm.
Insulation gas: insulation layer for the steam can be used when the single-sided composite membrane, the paste, laying and roofing waterproofing the same double-sided composite membrane joint pad way, no protective layer.
● Construction Application II
Channel, reservoir seepage; earth and rock dam seepage
● Other applications
Can be used in metallurgy, chemical pollution prevention, seepage, pipe waterproofing, mine water, road and bridge waterproofing, tunnel waterproofing and other purposes.