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Matters Needing Attention in Winter Low Temperature Weather Waterproof

  • Author:daniel
  • Release on :2016-11-19
① cement mortar waterproof layer shall not be in the rain, five and above the wind in the construction. Winter construction, the temperature should not be less than 5 ℃.

(2) Paving the membrane is strictly prohibited in rainy days, snow days, five and above the wind in the construction; cold sticky method, self-adhesive method of construction of the ambient temperature should not be less than 5 ℃, hot-melt method, welding construction environment temperature should not be lower than -10 ° C. When the construction process of rain or snow, the shop has been doing a good job of protective work.

③ coating waterproof layer is strictly prohibited in the rainy days, fog days, five winds and above the construction, not in the construction of the ambient temperature below 5 ℃ when the construction. If the coating before the rain may be cured, it should be done in time to complete the protection of the coating work.
Low temperature should not be construction, the schedule as far as possible in the quality of the more secure weather conditions.
① roll paving is strictly prohibited in the snow, five winds and above shall not be construction. Temperature below -5 ℃ should not be construction. Such as the construction period must be necessary to take special measures (such as the use of hot air welding torch heating) to ensure the quality of the project. Try to avoid morning and evening frost.
② All tools, facilities and materials used in the construction should be well insulated and frost-proof, especially gasoline, primary treating agent and sealing paste.
③ Taking into account the weather to the impact of material transport, winter construction before the need to increase the appropriate materials, equipment reserves, ready for winter construction needs of some special materials, such as covering the membrane with snow blankets, cold supplies.
④ the temperature difference between day and night construction in winter large, in order to ensure the quality of the membrane substrate should do a good job of temperature measurement, in accordance with the specific situation of the basic freeze to take the necessary measures to ensure the quality of the rolling material to avoid blistering, hollowing phenomenon.
⑤ good training and technical training and winter construction of the technical operation and safety of education, the establishment of the winter construction system, do a good job in winter construction preparation, mentally prepared, fire and frost preparation to ensure the quality of construction to avoid accidents.
⑥ winter construction should strengthen fire safety work, often check the performance of fire equipment and equipment to ensure the smooth flow of fire.
⑦ construction personnel and site management personnel should take reasonable heating frost protection measures to ensure that workers are not frostbite, a better play to the level of operation to ensure project quality.
⑧ When the daily average temperature is lower than 5 ℃, even with the low temperature curing formulation, the film will be very slow, and the unforeseen factors will not be neglected - the influence of wind and sand pollution, the wet ice on the surface of concrete. ; In this case must take insulation measures:
A, in the construction section within the scope of the installation of wire rope suspension, hanging infrared radiator, in the low temperature period of infrared heating. If the construction site for the underground works, foundation pit must take a reliable anti-dust measures - bare soil surface covered with non-woven, or sprinkler to keep convex wet.
B, set up PE film heating shed.
⑨ winter morning, the concrete surface will generally frost, which is a solid state of water, cream will reduce the adhesion of the coating on the concrete structure of the bond effect of the waterproof coating layer of anti-damage performance, so winter construction Tu Membrane construction of the first layer of the film to avoid frosting time, should be in the sunshine weather choose between 10 am to 4 pm brushing primary treatment agent.