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How to use the waterproof coating

  • Author:amber
  • Release on :2016-12-28

        How to use the waterproof coating

Construction preparation → bottom treatment → brushing the end of material → detail treatment → waterproof layer construction → quality inspection → product maintenance on the bottom of the leveling layer with a hard brush brushing waterproof coating

First, the bottom layer of waterproofing treatment (leveling layer): the bottom should be a solid surface with a certain degree of strength, clean and clean, no dirt surface, sand and other dirt, flat, lubricated, no loosening, request smoothing light, on the residual Mortar blocks or protrusions shall be flattened with a shovel blade.

Second, the details of treatment 1) yin and yang angle: the ground near the junction with the wall, should be wiped into a radius of 20mm arc. 2) the root parts: root tube root positioning, the floor near the block with cement mortar, pipe around the root and the surrounding parts of the cement mortar with a wipe into the shape. 3) through the wall pipes and fittings should be strong, seams close, if rust, oil should be wire brush, sandpaper, solvents, etc. to clean up. 4) the bottom of the treatment, the bottom should be no significant water above. Resistant to puncture waterproof material

Third, the waterproof layer construction: 1 before the construction of the base surface of the request: the need for flat, no holes, grooves and the like shortcomings. 2, the construction of the ground before the needs of the ground water wet, remove the wall hole of the gas, so that the wall is more detailed, more permeability of the surface. 3 powder and liquid mixing, the need to use electric drill, uniform mixing after parking 3-5 minutes; such as mixing if the demand for artificial mixing 10 minutes, and then parked 10 minutes after use. 4 use, should the slurry with bubbles, the bubble to be opened, not the presence of bubbles. 5 Note: brushing, the first pass only one side of the demand has always been brushing, brushing the second turn in the opposite direction. 6 between the first and second brushing interval time is best in the 4-8 hours or so. 7 facade is not easy to brush out the thickness of brushing can be more than a few times brushing occurs when the hole around 1.2-1.5mm, so the needs of sub-brushing, to add its density, fill the open space density. 8 2-3 days after the construction of closed water experiments to do better, 7 days to the cement maintenance cycle, the need for multi-maintenance