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How to do with the waterproofing of swimming pool indoor?

  • Author:sany
  • Release on :2016-08-12

Due to domestic outfit of swimming pool waterproofing system is mainly in view of the structure of waterproof indoor area is lesser, no matter how you decorate on it, how much cost it huged, ooze water leakage phenomenon is the kiss of death to imagine beautiful moment, even because concealed waterproof construction work is not ready, not only failed to hit the target, but increases a lot of unnecessary trouble.

So the waterproof construction and the choice of waterproof materials is particularly important.

Swimming pool in the process of the waterproof can choose long-term immersion of waterborne two-component waterproof coating. Waterproof coating is a two-component, flexible, lightweight materials, without cutting, can be conjunct by chemical reaction, integral sex is good, and there is no seam. Water resistance, durability, weather resistance, high temperature resistant, excellent uv resistance, permeability resistance, quick drying coating, high strength, good permeability, conducive to the maintenance of concrete structure, thoroughly dry, eliminate the rebar corrosion environment. Non-toxic, environmental protection, safe using and can be used for drinking water projects.