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How to distinguish the waterproof membrane

  • Author:Dongsheng-Amber
  • Release on :2016-11-09
 How to distinguish the waterproof membrane

Core Tip: 1, the physical properties of waterproof materials should better such as tensile strength, elongation, water impermeability, high temperature Flexible, natural anti-aging indicators can meet the state

1, the physical properties of waterproof material is ecxellent 

Physical properties such as tensile strength, elongation at break, impermeability, high temperature flexibility, resistance to natural aging can meet the state requirements of the indicators. In addition, there are construction operability, that is simple and convenient, does not harm the construction of gas, and compared with other waterproof materials, more advantages, fewer shortcomings. This material is undoubtedly a good material. 

2, the adaptability of the building parts 

Different types of waterproof material, the adaptability of different parts of the building has also been somewhat weak. Coil for a large area of ​​waterproofing parts, construction, fast, easy to ensure quality. But used in the toilet water between the water will lose its place, and waterproof paint but a good handy material. Rigid waterproof material used in the structural stability, no trembling deformation of the site, such as the basement wall and floor waterproof as a waterproof can still, but for bridges and large span roof waterproofing, the effect is poor, cumbersome and waste of material.

3, the material properties should be given full play 

Different waterproof materials have their own strengths and weaknesses, the use of its long, to avoid its short. Such as high-density polyethylene geomembrane, poor flexibility, it is difficult to use in the roof waterproof. But it is strong, strong resistance to root puncture, format up to 7m wide, but also welding seam, these advantages just used in an area of ​​vast landfill and river canal lake pond water, is irreplaceable other materials. Cement-based propionic acid waterproof coating performance than polyurethane coating, but the acrylic coating can be applied on the wet base, and polyurethane coating can not.

4, and the importance of building to match 

High-quality high-priced SBS modified asphalt membrane and EPDM rubber membrane, used in 12 buildings is a good material, used in low-grade building is, wood 'material. Such as construction sheds, short-term warehouses, shelters and other relief, one or two years after the demolition, the use of high-quality materials is a waste. 5, pay attention to the construction operability 

Some waterproof materials have good physical properties, but are difficult to construct. Such as anti-sticking membrane, it is difficult to seal the joints, powder material is difficult to spread evenly, dew, sowing more difficult to become closed.