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How to distinguish the water resistant material good or bad

  • Author:christy
  • Release on :2017-11-23
1. The physical properties of waterproof material are better
Physical properties such as tensile strength, breaking elongation, impermeability, high temperature flexibility, and natural aging can meet the national regulations.In addition, there are also construction operability, which means that it is simple and convenient, and does not produce harmful gas, and has many advantages and disadvantages compared with other waterproofing materials.Such material is a good material.
2. Good adaptability to construction sites
The type of waterproof material is different, and the adaptability of different building sites is also weak.The coil is used to spread the large area of waterproof part, the construction fast, easy to ensure the quality.But use in toilet bath water waterproof to lose use of the place of use, and waterproof coating is the good material that should be handy.Rigid waterproof materials used in structure is stable, no deformation of the parts, such as the basement wall and floor waterproof as a waterproof, but if used for bridge and long-span roof waterproof, effect is poorer, bulky and waste materials.3. The performance of materials should be fully utilized
Different waterproof materials have their own advantages and disadvantages, and use them to avoid short.Such as high density polyethylene geomembrane, flexible, difficult to use in roofing waterproof.Strength is big, but its root penetration ability is strong, can be up to 7 m wide wide, and can be welded joint, the strengths were used in the vast area of landfills and canals pond waterproof, it is other material can not be replaced.Cement base propionic acid waterproof coating is not as good as polyurethane coating, but acrylate coating can be applied on wet grass base, and polyurethane coating can not.4. Match the importance of buildings
SBS modified bitumen and tri-propylene rubber rolling materials for high quality and high price are good materials for buildings in grade 1, and the materials are used in low-grade buildings.For example, construction sheds, short - term warehouses, relief sheds, etc., dismantled after a year or two, using high-quality materials is a waste.5. Pay attention to construction operability
Some waterproof materials have good physical properties but are difficult to operate.It is difficult to seal the joints, such as anti-adhesion, which makes it difficult to spread evenly, dew, and spread.