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How to differentiate between polyester mat and compound base waterproof material?

  • Author:sany
  • Release on :2016-08-23
SBS elastomer modified asphalt waterproofing materials referred to as "coil", also often called SBS modified asphalt waterproofing materials, based on polyester blanket or glass fiber mat base, styrene - butadiene - styrene thermoplastic elastomer (SBS) as modifier, two sides covered with insulation material made of building waterproofing materials.

Plastic body modified asphalt waterproofing materials referred to as "APP coil", also called APP modified asphalt waterproofing materials, usually based on polyester blanket or glass fiber mat , atactic polypropylene APP or polyolefin polymers APAO modifier, APO do, two sides covered with insulation material made of building waterproofing materials.

Asphalt composed of flexible waterproofing materials referred to as "compound tire coil", is based on asphalt base makings, in two kinds of composite materials for tire body, with fine sand, mineral grains (sheet material), polyester film, PE film, etc as the wrapping material, made of dip coating, rolling process and waterproofing materials.

At present some poor quality of the asphalt compound tire flexible waterproofing materials used in tire body is compounded non-woven - grid cloth.The bond price is low, bad mildew resistance, water resistance, durability, and the production of coil layers, including non-woven generally with the cloth of recycling of waste chemical composition is extremely high, not easy to saturate, grid cloth is eliminated by national clay crucible high alkali glass fiber woven production lines, including asphalt modified by waster rubber powder has usually.Identification of these products have the following several ways --

1. Pay attention to the product name and packaging symbol

Standard, the product must be marked on the packaging enterprise name, product trade, production date or batch number, production license, storage and transportation considerations, product marking must be strictly implemented standard, consistent with the product name, must not be vague or tag markup is not complete and no production.When choosing these products, users must be pay attention to product labeling, identify the product name, because the tag represents the identity of the product.For example with polyester fiber non-woven fabrics - mesh cloth composite coiled material of tire production, can only be named for asphalt compound tires flexible waterproofing materials or compound coil, and cannot be named SBS coiled material, the product also can according to standard compound tire marking.

2. From the tire base to identify true and false SBS coil
General visual identify from the section on the product, the specific method is to choose and buy products with the hand torn, observation on cross section shows the tire of fiber, composite tire tore after sticking out of the grid cloth reinforced section, as can be concluded that the product must be a compound tire coil, what kind of compound tire coil need a physical test - soluble content of tire after inspection to observe its bare base.And pure polyester tire, fiberglass tire coil tear only polyester or glass fiber in the fiber cross section after the show.

3. Look from the physical inspection quality
From visual appearance can only distinguish between composite tire coil or SBS, APP coil, but you can't judge whether the product of the chosen conform to the requirements of the quality, which requires the user to have inspection ability of technical institutions, according to the corresponding product standards soluble content of physical performance test, the factory project.With soluble content of the project to control the product contains asphalt and modifier dosage, but also can display the real appearance of the products used by the tire base, to decide whether to match the product tag.