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How to choose waterproof materials

  • Author:Dongsheng-amber
  • Release on :2017-02-22

                    How to choose waterproof materials?

First, the construction site selection

Different building parts, the requirements of the waterproof material are not the same. Each material has its own strengths and weaknesses, a material can not be beaten to the world, where the good material is not used, all kinds of materials can only complement each other, and can not be replaced, each with their own. Roof waterproofing and basement waterproofing, requiring different material, and the bathroom waterproof and wall waterproof more different, slope roof, complex shape of the roof, metal plate roof is not the same, when the selection of fine discretion.

1, roof waterproof layer exposed to nature, by the hot sun exposure, the wind blowing, rain and snow erosion, cold and heat the temperature of the torture, day and night temperature changes in the expansion and contraction repeated, there is no good material and good protection Measures, it is difficult to achieve the required durability. So should choose high tensile strength, elongation, resistance to aging good waterproof material. Such as polyester tire modified asphalt membrane, EPDM coil, P-type PVC coil (welded joint), one-component polyurethane coating (plus protective layer). Behind a variety of roof design should also go into details.

2, why the leakage of the wall, because the wall is too thin, mostly light block masonry, a large number of internal and external pass, and then the combination of doors and windows Tang and the wall, the seal is not strict, the rain from the seam infiltration. Wall waterproof can not use the membrane, can only use paint, and outside the decoration materials and. Window seal installation seal only seal the paste to solve the problem. The following are the same as the "

3, underground building waterproof selection. Underground waterproof layer for many years soaked in water or very humid soil, waterproof material must be good water resistance. Can not use the perishable carcass made of the membrane, the floor waterproof layer application of thick, and there is a certain resistance to the ability to resist the waterproof material. The best stack 6mm ~ 8mm thick. If you choose synthetic polymer coil, the most suitable heat welding seam. Adhesive stickers, the glue should be excellent water resistance, or no matter how good the membrane can not be used. Use waterproof paint should be careful. The use of thick main 2.5mm, and the use of composite thickness of the membrane should be 2mm thick.