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How to choose the suitable waterproof membrane--weifang dongsheng waterproof

  • Author:Mark Hao
  • Release on :2016-12-30
Waterproof material generally divided into two major categories of waterproofing materials and waterproof coating.Family waterproof construction mainly in areas such as the lavatory bath room and the balcony, because these parts of the tube, Angle of Yin and Yang Angle more detail node construction, such as the structure is more complex, the construction operation surface is smaller, result in waterproofing construction not easily, and waterproof coating can overcome these problems, and to form a continuous film, waterproof effectively.Therefore, waterproof coating waterproof in the family in a wide range of applications.At present domestic outfit is waterproof coating, which are frequently used by material into polyurethane, acrylic acid, polymer cement types (JS) and waterproof mortar;According to the components are divided into single component and multicomponent;According to the divided into rigid coating and coating of flexible performance.