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How to brush waterproof coating?

  • Author:Dongsheng-amber
  • Release on :2016-09-07
     How to brush waterproof coating?
Waterproof coating, are generally do 1.8 meters.When construction is generally requires besmear to brush three times, namely the again, brush a final sideways, processed waterproof surface must be no air hole, no bubbles, completely cover!

Ground water wetting, before construction, surface to clean, can not have paint, oil, MingShui, etc.Accurate method is strictly in accordance with the ingredients and dosage instructions to construction, especially the proportion of water and materials.

1, the preparation of the instruments and water

2, clean up the base level, no stains, oil stains, dust;Base level requires no empty drum, no cracking, no holes;Water is greater than 2 mm crack, please repair mortar.

3, part A (liquid) in barrels.

4, will join the rest of the barrel part B (powder) the ratio of (A: B packing instruction)

5, after adding powder, mix thoroughly, no lumps.Let stand for 2-3 minutes, the second can be used after mixing.

6, with brush or roller with mortar

What is the characteristics of waterproof coating?

1, high elasticity, can resist the vibrations of the buildings and can cover heat bilges cold shrink, cracking and sinking crack produced less than 8 mm;

2, can be directly worked in damp, apply to the corner and parts of the pipeline peripheral water seepage;

3, strong cohesive force, coating the active ingredients can penetrate into the cement surface of wool stoma, micro cracks and produces chemical reaction, combined with substrate and form a layer of crystalline waterproof layer of dense;

4, environmental protection, non-toxic, harmless, can be directly applied to drinking water engineering;

5, acid-proof, alkali resistance, high temperature resistant, excellent aging resistance and good corrosion resistance;And can be used in outdoor, good weather resistance.Nanotechnology nanotechnology is waterproof coating, waterproof coating high elastic polymer emulsion and inorganic nano composite material of high performance new products, domestic initiative, the international advanced.After drying curing coating elastic elongation increased by more than 300%, basically met the heat bilges cold shrink under normal circumstances.Once the accidental destruction of coating produced holes, cracks, can repair themselves after it in the water, with water water, continue to keep the waterproof function.This product is a two component, party a and party b first division for the liquid, the hydrated for powder, when using mixing fully mixing.

Through the above text introduction, believe everybody about how to use waterproof coating, should have a certain understanding, but in understanding at the same time, suggest you if it is a small place is leaking, then knows its own way yourself to go, if it is large, you will need to seek professional decorate personnel to operate, but also to prevent his brush waterproof coating inexperience, details see, lead to rework phenomenon.