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How to Choose a Waterproofing Membrane

  • Author:daniel
  • Release on :2017-07-26
If you are a developer, whether the property has been encountered due to leakage of landlord complaints? If you are an owner, whether it has been the top of the toilet dripping and troubled? These phenomena are not normal, but because it is too common to be regarded as normal. Developers lose confidence in the water, people do not leak the house to greet the fortunate, in the case of the situation, really make people only helpless.
Is the problem really so difficult to solve? Reporters with questions to visit several major brands of waterproofing business experts, has been very firm answer: "Of course not!" Waterproof engineering is an important part of the design, but the design team of water quality and lack of professional knowledge , Resulting in unreasonable design, building a large area of ​​leakage is one of the main reasons.
Therefore, experts suggest that a reasonable design waterproofing, two to choose the appropriate waterproofing membrane. However, there are many varieties of waterproof materials, different shapes, different performance, the price level of disparity, different construction methods, therefore, the selected waterproof material must meet the engineering requirements.
First of all, according to the climatic conditions of material selection. Real estate development is very strong, but in recent years a lot of well-known real estate business in the north often into the north, the South's experience in waterproofing to the north, will inevitably acclimatized. As the south is rainy, waterproof material selection of water-resistant waterproofing membrane, such as glass fiber tires, polyester tires modified asphalt membrane or water-resistant adhesive adhesive polymer membrane. While the northern cold, especially in snowy areas, some waterproof membrane can not withstand the low temperature frost heave contraction cycle changes, premature aging fracture. Therefore, these areas should use SBS modified asphalt membrane or welded joint of the polymer membrane, if the use of intolerant low temperature waterproof material, should be inverted roof.
Second, the different parts of the building, the requirements of the waterproof material is not the same, but also according to local conditions, due to material construction. In a building, roof, wall, underground construction and toilet water can be described as essential.