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Floor Heating System the bathroom construction

  • Author:daniel
  • Release on :2017-05-11
With the continuous improvement of building heating systems, residential heating systems are mostly used to heating, the application of the corresponding heating to the bathroom waterproof construction to bring some difficulty.
Generally, the waterproofing layer of the bathroom is set up above the floor of the warm concrete, and the damage to the waterproofing layer of the bathroom after the completion of the closed water test is often caused, and the waterproofing layer is leaking. Exhaust duct) more, the pipe through the structure of the roof is a weak part of the site, once the warmer layer above the waterproof layer of leakage, will inevitably make the structure of the roof on the pipeline parts of the phenomenon of water leakage. The water below the ground floor will also flow through the bathroom door to other rooms, once the other room structure on the roof there are cracks or roof pipes, etc., will inevitably cause room leakage outside the bathroom.
To this end in the warm heating bathroom waterproof construction, in the bathroom door site set the water threshold, in the ground below the floor to add a waterproof layer, this road waterproof construction, the waterproof layer to be anti-to stop the water threshold, can effectively solve the warm pad Layer of water leakage caused by leakage of the bathroom or outside the bathroom room leakage, so as to achieve effective control of toilet leakage.
To the bathroom heating waterproof construction, in the bathroom door to do 50 ~ 70mm high water threshold, set the water threshold on the two curved groove, so that the warm pipe through. After the roof of the structure leveling, the construction of the first layer of waterproof layer, waterproof layer of water seepage threshold. The first waterproof layer on the floor of the waterproof layer, the road waterproof and the first waterproof bonding to ensure that one or two waterproof layer between the formation of enclosed space, even if the first waterproof layer in the decoration process damage There will be no water in the bathroom or outside the bathroom.
The bathroom set the water threshold, increase the ground floor layer below the waterproof layer, in the ground layer above the waterproof layer of leakage, it will not cause leakage of the bathroom, it will not infiltrate the ground below the water into the bathroom outside the room caused by infiltration leak.
1, the construction steps: the structure of the ground leveling layer → water threshold construction → waterproof additional layer → the first time waterproof → waterproof layer → to warm the construction of the second wave of waterproof → waterproof protective layer

1.1 leveling layer: the bathroom floor with 10 thick 1: 2.5 cement mortar leveling layer.
1.2 Size and practice of water cut threshold
The door in the bathroom before the construction of the warm water in front of the need to set the site of the C20 concrete station, the bathroom floor of the following layer of waterproof construction, the waterproof layer should be rolled to the C20 fine stone concrete platform, the width of the wall thickness, The threshold on the basis of the location of the warm pipe left indentation groove, groove set in advance, the length of the same wall thickness, curved groove can be used JDJ or KBJ waste line reserved for details. Throttle Throat by the bathroom inside the plaster 30mm arc.
2, waterproof additional layer and the first wave of waterproof construction, waterproof paving groove and to the outer edge of the threshold.

2.1 waterproof layer on the cover 10 thick 1: 2.5 cement mortar protective layer. To warm the protective layer C15 concrete layer construction, in the waterproof threshold of 1/2 do 30mm arc, the protective layer requires calendering.
2.2 The second time waterproof construction, the water will be paved directly to the top of the waterproof threshold to the outer edge of the threshold, and ensure that the first wave of water can be firmly bonded, so there are three layers of waterproof, namely: additional layer, Once again waterproof, the second time waterproof.
2.3 waterproof layer after the completion of construction, do 10mm waterproof protective layer (matte), and the edge of the threshold of the closure of the closure of dense.