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Features for TPO waterproof membrane

  • Author:sany
  • Release on :2017-11-28
1. Green environmental protection, non - toxic, harmless, pollution-free .
2. has long-term plasticity and can be recycled. 
3. High mechanical strength, excellent physical performance, stable size and color
elongation and deformation ability .
4. Long-term weatherability, anti-ultraviolet and heat-resistant and aging properties are excellent .

5. Is more resistant to low temperature, -40c no crack .
6. Is self-extinguishing from fire is effective against harmful chemicals, industrial pollutants, wear resistance and puncture.

7. High reflectance, anti - uv, meet energy saving and cold roof standard .
8. Joints are solid and reliable with hot wind welding, and have long-term weldability. 
9. Construction is convenient, and different construction techniques can be selected .according to the basis and duration.