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Exterior Wall Waterproof Material JS Cement Waterproofing Coating

  • Author:DongSheng-Rebeca
  • Release on :2016-09-08
Exterior wall waterproof material which is really good?How to choose waterproof wall material?

In our life is very common now, before we were on the floor, kitchen and toilet inside do waterproof.But now many people also choose to do waterproof the external walls, exterior wall waterproof actually is also essential.Then introduce exterior wall waterproof material which is better for you?How do we choose?

Exterior wall waterproof material which is really good?

1, is most common in the exterior wall waterproof coating for k11 general-purpose waterproof coating, polymer emulsion and inorganic powder and composite waterproof coating, is a kind of two-component waterproof material, high quality cement, quality quartz sand will adopt specific polymer, both the formation of a surface coating waterproof, and can penetrate the material forming inside the crystal block water through, to achieve double waterproof effect.It is characterized by rigid waterproof material, outstanding performance. 

External wall waterproofing of the 2, acrylic waterproof coating is adopting international advanced technology and raw materials, pure acrylic polymer base makings, made by adding additives one-component oil-in-water type waterproof coating, presents a pure liquid state open cover can be used, can be easily combined with ground crack, form a waterproof layer, hard brush in need to the hair or Yang sand processing, thus increasing the grinding, easy to tile, particularly suitable for use as metope waterproof material. 

External wall waterproofing of the 3, JS waterproof coating is a kind of green environmental protection material, waterproof with environmental protection, stable performance, long life, good ageing resistance, construction is convenient, the advantages of the simple operation, strong bonding, JS waterproof coating base color is white mostly, have obvious heat reflection function, compared to more traditional black roof can act as good heat insulation effect, made into color, on the roof and walls can rise to decorate beautification effect, comprehensive performance is superior, is the national key promotion of new ideal environmental protection waterproof materials. 

4, exterior wall waterproof polyurethane waterproof coating is a kind of both inside and outside of coating, the thickness of about 3 mm, stretch over 300%, on the use of any base material will not crack, excellent waterproof effect, but also has its disadvantages, polyurethane waterproof coating Smell is bigger, the average person to accept, need to use the scraper during construction, difficult, complicated operation, is a kind of reactive wet curing film waterproof coating.Can be used for roofing, external wall, the drinking pool, such as protecting wall waterproof engineering use.