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Dongsheng Company Wish the World Children Happy Children's Day

  • Author:Daniel
  • Release on :2017-06-01
Children are the future of the country, is the hope of the nation, to create a good family, social and learning environment for all children, so that they are healthy, happy and happy to grow, has been the goal of the world's efforts, the annual " Children's Day "is a festival dedicated to children.
Children are the happiest groups in the world, the most pure group, is the most carefree groups. The children enjoy the carefree childhood, and adult we have a very happy childhood. Although we have to bid farewell to childhood, but we should still keep a childlike, happy work, free life, so you can find the true meaning of life.
Whether we remember the game we played together in childhood, do you remember after school we go home together, "lost throw lost handkerchief, gently on the back of the children, we do not tell him, hurry to catch him ... ... "Do you remember the familiar song ...