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Damage to Building Leakage

  • Author:daniel
  • Release on :2016-11-15
People in order to produce, housing, parties, transactions before the construction of housing, housing must be rain, "Housing, Fang also, wind and rain." Leakage of the house to carry out the activities. Housing leakage can also cause casualties and significant economic losses.
Lobby, living room leakage: elaborate design, construction of the beautiful luxury ceiling ceiling, after the mold will be wet leakage, discoloration, loss, and even wounding, had to be renovated to stop the normal use of the hall.
Bedroom Leakage: furniture, clothing soaked, decoration off. There are one word collectors, a few boxes of calligraphy and painting placed in the cabinet above, upstairs bath water infiltrated the floor, so that a few boxes of calligraphy and painting wet as mud, the master met faint, resulting in two lawsuits.
Toilet bath leakage has been commonplace, upstairs do not care, downstairs bad luck, resulting in neighborhoods do not, and quarrel fighting, actually happened armed fight, a serious event of death and wounding. Waterproof project has become a manufacturing dispute "Xiao Qiang."
Chemical library leakage: gas leak, explosion fire.
Grain leakage: so that thousands of tons or even million tons of grain rice mold wet, born buds, livestock do not eat, but unfortunately the sweat of the farmers in vain.

Food store leakage: biscuits, dim sum, spices spoiled, fruits and vegetables are seriously damaged.
High peak pool leakage occurred reinforced corrosion, broken wall, tens of thousands of tons of water dumping down, overwhelmed the overwhelming trend of the mountain down the plant, dozens of workers to the Western Paradise of the horrors of the horrors of the incident.
Plant leakage: resulting in waste, reduce quality. A weaving plant leakage, seepage dripping in the loom, white cloth with spots, flowers even more flowers, only when the waste treatment, a great loss.
High-precision laboratory leakage of expensive water equipment failure, had to re-spend a huge amount of foreign exchange to buy, the loss of more than the construction cost of the laboratory.
Substation leakage: the occurrence of short-circuit, fire, destruction of household electrical appliances commonly used, factory shutdown, the store closed.
Fat under the room leakage: a serious impact on building life. Plugging costs more than the initial cost of five times the cost of waterproofing. And often plugging unsuccessful examples.
Museums, stacks Leakage: the unique, alone, rare, bamboo silk, destroyed, the loss incalculable. Witnessed thousands of copies of the handwritten copy of this became a mud, bitter.