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Construction Technology of TPO Waterproof Membrane

  • Author:daniel
  • Release on :2016-11-28
Key Points of Mechanical Fixation System Construction
Primary treatment
Grass-roots must be smooth, dry, clean, no hollowing, sand, cracking and so on. Water, ice, or snow must be removed to prevent moisture absorption in the new roofing and deck systems. Remove debris and foreign matter from the substrate before laying the web.
TPO coil pre-laying: the coil according to the scheduled location of the laying of the coil should be straight and straight, not forced stretch membrane;
Mechanical fixation of the web below the overlap zone:
The center distance of the fixture is determined by the local wind speed, the type of structure base, the height of the building and the width of the web, and should not be greater than 600mm. From the surrounding 800mm range of TPO membrane should be full of sticky.
In addition, at each roof height change, the edge of the protruding part of the wall, skylights, deformation joints, slope greater than 1/6 of all the base angle changes in the periphery, and all pipes and pouring seal hoop groove, .
Hot air welding:
The TPO coil is hot-air welded using an automatic hot air welder or hand-held hot air welder and a silicone rubber roll. At the intersection of all the seams, roll the seam with a silicone roll to ensure a continuous seam of the hot air weld. TPO coil surface caused by the thickness of multi-layer irregular, may cause false welding.
Key points of full - stick construction
1, the base rubber should be painted in the grass-roots and TPO membrane double-sided, brushing should be uniform, not exposed at the end, do not pile up (can also be sticky, sticky or empty shop).
2, the welding area by welding construction. Should be welded long side of the seam, after welding short side seam.
3, the bonding method for cement concrete base of the various types of construction. Construction technology and key processes, with the use of adhesive bonding of various types of polymer waterproofing membrane.