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Construction Requirements of SBS Waterproofing Membrane

  • Author:Daniel
  • Release on :2017-07-18
1. Base treatment:
① before the SBS waterproof membrane paving, all other projects must be completed construction, and then clean up the grassroots;
② grass-roots must be flat, strong, no loosening, from the sand, from the drum, bump and cracks;
③ grass-roots should be relatively dry, moisture content of not more than 8%;
④ parapet, yin and yang angle, through the wall, expansion joints and drainage slope should meet the design requirements.
2. Brush the primary treatment agent: the base layer on the surface evenly brush the oil series of primary treatment agent (cold base oil) layer, until the primary treatment agent to dry before entering the next process.
3. Belt and paving sheet:
① Paving direction: the roof slope parallel to the direction of the roof paving, and can be selected according to the site conditions, the slope perpendicular to the direction of the roof paving;
② paving order: high and low span adjacent to the roof, should be the first high cross-span low cross. On the same roof, the first shop rain mouth, parapet and other special parts of the strengthening layer, after the shop facing the waterproof layer;
③ seams requirements: the upper and lower layers of coil joints should be staggered 1/3.
4. Hot-melt construction: the use of liquefied gas or gas jet lamp heating the base layer and the bottom of the membrane, to be a thin layer of surface asphalt melting, while baking side of the rolling coil forward, and pressure roller compaction, pay attention to adjust the flame size, Melting the surface of the membrane asphalt, not too much to flow, but can not bake through.
5. Lap processing:
① Coil vertical and horizontal are 10cm, with a torch baking seal;
② If the project requires double waterproof, then the second layer of the longitudinal seam must be at least one-third of the first layer staggered, straddle staggered more than 1 meter.