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Comparative analysis of the advantages and disadvantages of waterproof rolling materials and waterpr

  • Author:christy
  • Release on :2017-11-24
Because of the difference between the material composition and appearance form of waterproof rolling materials and waterproof coatings, the properties of materials, construction techniques and application areas are different.Degao waterproof engineers make a comparison of the combination of the two, so that consumers may know what kind of products they need.

Waterproofing materials, convenient construction, short construction period and formed without maintenance, not influenced by temperature, environmental pollution is small, easy to master according to design requirements, with a thick layer of material to calculate accurate, convenient construction site management, not easy to cut corners, layer thickness, the empty shop can effectively overcome the base stress (larger cracks occurred at the grassroots level can maintain membrane integrity).
Waterproof coating - any complex base can be used as an integral waterproof layer.The equipment is simple, construction technology is easy to master.The coating waterproof layer and the base layer have 100% bonding surface (except for the cracks, nodes and other parts used to strengthen laminar space).Coating membrane can be used in the period of slack, mostly at the grass-roots level crack width exceed the margin of extension, waterproof coating, water leakage causes and formation of leaky parts easy to found that maintenance is very convenient, as long as a small amount of waterproof material to repair the cracks and injury.High quality waterproof coating can be successful on the backwater.Some waterproof coating can be constructed and formed waterproof layer in damp grass.
Waterproof rolling materials - based on the shape of the waterproof base, it is necessary to make a mass cut garment. For the complex shape of the base, it is difficult to bond with the joints of the waterproof rolling materials.Completely absolute seal will become the main problem, leakage potential is the largest;Waterproofing materials in the construction of the protection and leakage after maintenance is also a difficult problem, after the penetrability of the damage, of any part of degumming, leak adhesive (even only one), the whole instead of the coherent layer waterproof function will be all black-out, if you can't find broken and defective parts, the local repair is not possible, then only redo waterproof.
Waterproof coating - the coating needs a certain amount of physical and chemical reaction to form a waterproof layer.Partial waterproof coating produces harmful gas release in curing process, harmful to human body.Some waterproofing paint a waterproof coating the completion of a waterproof layer needs to brush more, each time the brush should have a certain interval time, so the final completion of the waterproof layer takes a long time;In the process of construction of waterproof coating, site management is very important. It is an opportunity to cut corners and make careless mistakes in management oversight.The thickness of coating waterproof layer is determined according to the number of coating times during construction. Besides the number of coating, the solid content of the paint itself is the determining factor of film thickness.