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Circumstances to set up the isolation layer between the roofing waterproof protective layer and wate

  • Author:sany
  • Release on :2016-12-05

Protective layer is different from the implication of isolation layer, naturally know how to set up once make clear the function and meaning . 

1, the waterproofing layer of the protective layer contains two meaning. first is when there are other structural constructions above waterproofing layer  , due to the possible damage of waterproof construction process injury, so you need to do protection layer;The second is the function of the roof is standing peroson or making planting, personnel activities may damage to waterproofing, then protective layer needs to be done.

2, the effect of isolation layer divides to two kinds.One is to prevent adverse occur between two kinds of materials chemistry (incompatible), used isolation layer as a separate interface, such as PVC and polystyrene foam plastic insulation board, because the plasticizer of membranes will migrate , direct contact will damage to fused benzene board; Second, rigid layer on the surface of the membrane, may be due to the heat bilges cold shrink deformation affects the waterproof layer, the rigid layer seam deformation points storehouse, will damage due to excessive fatigue damage or stretch waterproof layer, then need to set up the isolation layer.

Put pressure method of construction of waterproofing materials and materials between pressure of the pebble, you need to set up geotextile isolation layer.
3, not all require isolation layer between the waterproof layer and protective layer.Not person standing house used as a protective layer of cement mortar, cement mortar may be directly put on the waterproof;Using the flexible protection materials (heat reflective coating, etc.) or thermal insulation layer, do not need isolation layer.