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Analysis on the development trend of China's waterproof material industry in 2017

  • Author:sany
  • Release on :2017-10-30
Analysis on the development trend of China's waterproof material industry in 2017

1. Waterproof material is used as basic functional protection and flexible material is the mainstream
Upstream of waterproof material: the cost of raw materials in the enterprise cost of waterproofing materials is the main cost, accounting for more than 90%.The raw materials mainly include asphalt, tire base cloth, polyether, base oil, emulsion, SBS modifier, etc., the asphalt proportion is the largest.All kinds of raw materials are mainly in the petrochemical industry chain, and the industry has a relatively low concentration degree of water-proof material industry.
The downstream application of waterproof material: the waterproof material is mainly used in the building of roof, underground, hutch, outer wall, etc.It is mainly used in railway, rail transit, bridge, tunnel, underground pipe corridor, airport, reservoir water conservancy and other fields.Generally, water resistant materials account for about 1% of the total cost of construction.

2. The market capacity is huge and the construction demand is the main one
A.In the hundreds of billions of markets, the proportion of infrastructure and property is about 60% and 40%, respectively.
B. waterproofing materials benefit from the investment cycle of fixed asset investment in the past. The maintenance of market demand makes the industry grow better than pure investment products.

3. Competition pattern: the percentage of small leading cities increased
The industry production end barrier is low, the market competition needs to be normalized
At present our country building waterproof material production and workshop more than 2000 enterprises, there are less than 1500 companies have production license, at the end of 2016, above designated size (more than 20 million) with 560 waterproof building materials manufacturers.The top 10 companies have less than 10% market share.The top 50 companies in the industry account for only about 20 percent of the market, with enterprises worth less than 100 million yuan accounting for nearly 80 percent of the total, and the private sector accounting for more than 90 percent.
Due to the low technical content of ordinary waterproof rolling materials, relatively light assets and low barriers to entry of waterproofing materials, large number of small enterprises have caused overcapacity in the industry.At present, the overall capacity utilization rate of qualified enterprises in China is less than 60%.