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Advocate low-carbon energy saving Environmentally friendly waterproof materials dominate

  • Author:christy
  • Release on :2017-11-22
In recent years, China's waterproof technology has been from scratch, from small to large.Waterproof material has formed in China, including SBS, APP modified asphalt waterproofing materials, polymer waterproofing materials, construction waterproof coating, rigid anti-seepage and plugging materials such as low-standard products, materials, production, equipment manufacturing, waterproof design, professional construction, scientific research, teaching and management network for the integration of industrial systems.But than with advanced countries, our country is waterproof coating in the product quality, application technology, market cultivation, etc, also there is a big gap, especially the proportion of high quality coating product is less, the overall level is not high.These still need the industry to keep working hard.
During the tenth five-year plan period, China's economy entered a new stage of development and its GDP rose from 9.5 trillion yuan in 2000 to 123 trillion yuan in 2005.Total social fixed asset investment increased from 3.5 trillion yuan in 2000 to 4.7 trillion yuan in 2005.Infrastructure construction, residential construction, urban construction, municipal construction and western development strategy will provide a broader market for the waterproof material industry.Of the total, the total area of the housing is 5.7 billion square meters (2.7 billion square meters), and the industrial plant and other buildings are 3.4 billion square meters.By 2010, investment in urban residential construction had doubled from 2000.
According to the national construction materials bureau "new building materials and products guide catalogue" requirements, SBS, APP modified asphalt waterproof rolling materials will remain the leading products of future coatings market.High polymer waterproof rolling materials will focus on developing EPDM, PVC(P type) products, and actively developing TPO products.The foreground of waterproof coating is promising for single group polyurethane and acrylic products;The sealing material will still focus on the development of silicone, polyurethane, polysulfide and acrylic acid.Waterproof and thermal insulation material, rigid waterproof material, anti-seepage material, metal roofing materials, asphalt tiles and earthwork materials will have a certain market share.
In the future, the industry will provide more high-quality waterproof materials for humanity, and build more high-quality waterproof projects.Environment-friendly waterproof material will dominate, the waterproof product structure will be more rationalized, and the product quality and application technology will be close to the advanced level of the world.