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About Dongsheng self-adhesive waterproof tape

  • Author:Daniel
  • Release on :2016-08-06

In the decorative industry, Self-adhesive waterproof tape It has been widely used,This productWith their own advantages loved by the people, then let us work together to understand its advantages:
  1. Self-adhesive waterproof tape Good adhesion grassroots level, if there are some Small puncture damage to natural healing, hit a hard object inserted automatically and sneak into the object as a whole, and has a good waterproof performance.
  2. no other construction adhesive, the spacer layer tear pasted to the wall very firm, shorten the construction period, elastic, slightly cracking or deformation of the grassroots, has been extended to good adaptability.
  3. The use of this material does not cause any pollution, and does not cause harm to human health,Green materials.

Dongsheng self-adhesive waterproof tape can play a parapet, chimney, windows, sinks, can be used between the brick and wood studs, tile or slate hanging.