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1 hour understand prefabricated building seal waterproof, you need to listen to the lecture hall gre

  • Author:Dongsheng-eva
  • Release on :2016-09-09
In 2016, the prefabricated construction ushered in the extraordinary one year.
On the NPC and CPPCC this year, the state council premier li keqiang pointed out in the government work report, "in 2016 to promote green building and construction materials, to develop the steel structure and prefabricated construction, improve the quality of construction engineering standards and..."Prefabricated construction entered a new development in an all-round way, will face new opportunities.
Prefabricated construction brought infinite possibility for the industry, its security, sealing, livability has been more and more attention.As the waterproof system supplier of globalization, east rain rainbow set more than 20 years system services professional advantage, in view of the prefabricated construction waterproof sealing system, can provide from planning, design, select material, for materials, construction to operation and maintenance, maintenance and a series of services, satisfy all the requirements, the total project life cycle to ensure construction is more safe, durable and green, energy saving.
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