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Precautions for roof waterproofing

  • लेखक:sany
  • पर रिलीज:2018-01-30
In terms of housing construction, lay the foundation is the foundation of good houses, and for roofing, completes the waterproof work is a priority in the work, because to do a good job of roof waterproof, can not only avoid the happening of damp related problems, such as houses, but also to eliminate the because ooze water leakage caused by some safe hidden trouble, and roofing waterproof and should pay attention to in the construction of relevant content?

First, avoid the weather.
In the roof waterproof construction, be sure to arrange in advance and carry out, according to the weather conditions need to be aware of is not can be done at very low temperatures, as people seldom waterproof work in winter.In addition, like rain and other such weather, the effect of the construction will also be affected, to be avoided.

Second, pay attention to the construction environment.
Want to do a good job of waterproof roof, when construction must pay attention to the environment construction, like some particularly humid environment tend to later a large impact on the waterproof effect, choose as far as possible dry environment construction.If it is necessary to do so in a humid environment, try to use some ventilation equipment to speed up the coating.

Third, pay attention to material material.
Want to get a good roof waterproof effect, in addition to pay attention to the influence of some environmental aspects and so on, the weather outside, but also has a good grasp on material, such as in many cases, in order to save costs, some people will add have stem node mortar for a second use less, while the consequences of this will inevitably affect the compactness of the waterproof layer, comprehensive influence waterproof effect.

Fourth, construction strictly according to requirements.
In waterproof concrete construction, to be subcontracted, must be in strict accordance with the rules and requirements for accurate construction, aspects of processing, such as the some similar nodes, more to be carried out in accordance with the specification, if conditions permit, at its best and add a layer of glass network layer has better waterproof effect.

Fifth, protect.
Protection work here mainly refers to before didn't cover must pay attention to the protection of the waterproof layer in order to avoid damage, generally on the slurry after 24 hours, can't someone to trample to walk at the same time also note not by iron or steel used in the construction of the waterproof layer to heap pressure damage, after waiting for the real dry solid, can be in the form of a cover to do the best protective layer.
Sixth, pay attention to safety.

In roof waterproof work, pay attention to safety is also very important, because first of all, not only to climb in the construction, there will be some material harm, so be sure to pay attention to safety, wear a good helmet, protective gloves, etc.

In fact, in the concrete construction process of waterproof roof, there are many places to pay attention to, and on the basis of learning, more needs to be summarized in practice.