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1. How to do with the waterproofing of swimming pool indoor?
Due to domestic outfit of swimming pool waterproofing system is mainly in view of the structure of waterproof indoor area is lesser, no matter how you decorate on it, how much cost it huged, ooze water leakage phenomenon is the kiss of death to imagine beautiful moment, even because concealed waterproof construction work is not ready, not only failed to hit the target, but increases a lot of unnecessary trouble. So the waterproof construction and the choice of waterproof materials is particularly important. Swimming pool in the process of the waterproof can choose long-term immersion of waterborne two-component waterproof coating. Waterproof coating is a two-component, flexible, lightweight materials, without cutting, can be conjunct by chemical reaction, integral sex is good, and there is no seam. Water resistance, durability, weather resistance, high temperature resistant, excellent uv resistance, permeability resistance, quick drying coating, high strength, good permeability, conducive to the maintenance of concrete structure, thoroughly dry, eliminate the rebar corrosion environment. Non-toxic, environmental protection, safe using and can be used for drinking water projects.
2. Reasons to choose us
We have our own factory, so the price can be competitive with high quality
3. The difference EPDM waterproof material and waterproof PVC coating
The difference is mainly in the form of (1) Various: one is a coil fabric, one coating liquid (2) Material: EPDM rubber, PVC plastic (3) different resistance to aging: EPDM waterproofing materials have optimalest resistance to aging, use a certain number of years (excluding renewables) (4) the construction of waterproof membranes overlap, coating construction without duplicating the overall peformance is good, but the film thickness of the coating is controlled by brushing time. Thus, it is suggested that the selected depending on different locations and environments.
4. What are the main features of PE-PP membrane?
1) The polymer fiber-reinforced adhesive layer makes full adhesion between polymer cement waterproof adhesive material and the base course. 2) Polymer cement waterproof adhesive material can be used to fill holes and rough or uneven parts, which prevents water channeling of adhesive layer and plays an auxiliary role in waterproofing. 3) The full adhesion between polymer cement waterproof adhesive material and base course help achieve easy application and application on damp base course is acceptable. 4) The sheet can be designed directly in cement structure and used on surfaces of adhesive titles and plastering. 5) The product has great anti-puncture performance and therefore is employed in waterproof gardening roofs and resistant to puncture by plant roots .
5. What are Do's and don'ts in application of high polymer membrane?
1. Paint primer evenly on the surface of base course, with no exposure of the lower surface to the air, no piles. Pave the membrane when the base course becomes dry and not sticky. 2. Pavement starts with one side, the bridge surface is paved from the lower part to the higher; ignite the blowtorch (or airbrush), evenly bake the asphalt layer on the undersurface of the membrane and the primer on the base course; after the asphalt layer on the undersurface melts, rolling pavement starts, then bake, pave and then followed by compaction;extruded asphalt must be seen at the lap joint; 3. Spiked shoes are forbidden, protective cover can be cast 30 mins after pavement. 4. Base course is supposed to be roughly dry with no water seen.
6. What are the features of self-adhesive waterproofing membrane?
1) Cold-applied, self-adhesive, environmentally friendly, conveniently used ; 2) Superb cold flexibility, extensibility, well adapted to the deformation of the base course; 3) Unique self-healing, self adhesive, superb waterproofness; 4) Superb resistance to acid, alkali and chemical corrosion; 5) Great ahesive preformance, free from water channeling.
7. How do you control the quality of the products?
We have strict-controlled purchase of raw materials and very rigid test and inspection, which help guarantee the quality of the products. Also, we have the most advanced production lines producing to your order. Our products have been proved marketable with great performance in tensile strength, elongation, aging-resitance and etc.
8. What is the main difference between SBS and APP modified asphalt/bitumen membrane?
Different modifiers are used for the two types of membrane. SBS membrane is made with styrene-butadiene-styrene thermoplastic elastomer as the petroleum asphalt modifier, while APP membrane with atactic polypropylene or APAO, APO as the modifier. Being made with different techniques, they have different properties in temperature tolerance. SBS membrane is more tolerant to low temperature, while APP membrane is more suitable for hot areas.
9. What is width of the lap joint between patches of membranes in construction?
Usually 7.5-8 cm.
10. Are surfacing isolation materials optional for asphalt membrane?
Yes. We have different materials on upper surface, PE membrane, fine sand.Aluminum foil or mineral granules and on the lower surface, usually PE membrane. The products can be made to your order.
11. What's are the MOQ?
The MOQ is 2000 square meters usually. Also we can according to your condition to set the MOQ.
12. How to deal with the sample charge?
We can provide you samples for quality inspection. According to our company policy, samples are free, we only charge the freight fee. The freight fee will be returned If you place the order.
13. How about the delivery time?
Lead time since receipt of T/T deposit payment 15 days.
14. What kind of payments does we support?